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15 November

Industries have historically thrived by producing tangible goods that fulfill basic human needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. As these needs were met, there arose a demand for enhanced satisfaction, leading to the proliferation of product variations and numerous manufacturing companies. The growth of service industries, on the other hand, can be attributed to […]

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15 November

In marketing, “value” refers to the perceived benefits that customers receive from a product or service relative to its cost. It is a central concept in marketing because customers make purchasing decisions based on the perceived value they expect to gain from a product or service. Value is not only about the price; it encompasses […]

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15 November

The service delivery process refers to the set of activities and procedures involved in providing a service to customers or clients. It encompasses all the steps from the initial request or need for identification to the final delivery and possibly post-service activities. The goal is to ensure that the service meets or exceeds customer expectations, […]

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15 November

Service-buying behavior refers to the process that consumers go through when deciding to purchase services. It involves various stages, from problem recognition to post-purchase evaluation, and can be influenced by factors such as personal preferences, past experiences, and external influences. Understanding service buying behavior is crucial for service providers to tailor their offerings, marketing strategies, […]

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